Driver CPC


Need help with Driver CPC training?

Have you:

  • been putting off Driver CPC but know you ought to do something?
  • been wondering what sort of training your drivers should be doing?
  • already bought some CPC training but it wasn’t up to much?

 Do you:

  • have the time and expertise to find the quality training that you need?
  • want to make sure you get value for money?

The Driver CPC may seem just now like an enormous burden that will cost you time and money.  But, with the right approach, money spent on CPC training can benefit your business and improve your bottom line.  Training then becomes less of a cost and more of an investment.

Michael Woodgate is a consultant who works with employers to help them buy the training that their drivers and their business really needs.  The approach is based on one key principle, that is to put the employer fully in control of the training procurement, rather than the training provider deciding what’s best and most suitable.

Michael Woodgate does not sell training, nor is he linked to any particular training provider, so the advice and support he offers is completely impartial.

When thinking about the Driver CPC it’s worth bearing in mind:

1.  It is going to cost money -  so it makes sense to ensure this investment yields some sort of return, rather than it just being written off as an unavoidable expense.  The sort of  financial benefits that good DCPC training should generate are in areas like fuel efficiency, customer retention, collision and damage costs, workplace injuries and many others.

2.  The syllabus is extremely broad so almost any training, within reason, can count towards the Driver CPC – so it’s worthwhile taking the time to ensure that the training employers commission is relevant to their drivers, the jobs they do and the issues they face.

3.  A lot of training goes on already – such as induction training, refresher training and training on specialist equipment.  Often all that is needed to comply with the needs of the Driver CPC is to get this existing training formally accredited.

To find out more, or to arrange a free two hour consultation to see how Michael Woodgate could help you turn the Driver CPC to your advantage do get in contact

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