Skills policy


Various articles and submissions about Skills Policy include:

An article in FE Week and Motor Transport on why Skills for Logistics failed and how taxpayers’ money could have been better spent. I imagine much the same could be written about several other Sector Skills Councils

A submission to the House of Commons Select Committee inquiry into adult literacy and numeracy, February 2014

An article in FE Week, December 2013, examining the concept of “employer ownership of skills”,
what that actually means and whether it can work.

Article in FE Week November 2013 commenting on the government’s “new” apprenticeships

Where now for Skills for Logistics? (following the departure of its Chief Executive, October 2013)

A response to the Labour Party’s Skills Taskforce interim report (June 2013)

A submission to the  House of Commons Select Committee inquiry into apprenticeships, February 2012



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