I have experience in managing both training and operations gained while working for a national logistics company. Subsequently I worked for a Sector Skills Council, which was there to take a strategic overview of skills, training and productivity.

Since then I have worked with a number of organisations including both large and small private companies, local authorities, learning providers and an international trade association.

This experience has given me a valuable insight into the world of skills and training – a world where there is a lot of good, valuable work being done, but where there is also a lot of confusion, uncertainty and bad practice.

Too often issues are over simplified – buy a “training solution” and all will be fine. Conversely there is a lot of mystique and over-complication associated with skills development and the “skills agenda”. What employers actually need is quite straightforward – good people doing a good job.

This requires organisations to have:

  • Effective recruitment
  • Appropriate training and development
  • Ongoing management support

There is little point in just focussing on just the middle one of these if the other two are sub standard. Company culture and the way things are done in a workplace will have far more influence on the way someone does their job than a training course. Providing training, whether it be sourced internally or externally, should always be a part of good management and not a substitute for it.

It is only by bringing together line management and skills development that can lasting improvements can be sustained.  And by taking an holistic approach to skills, training and management, organisations will be more likely to thrive and invest effectively in staff development.

These are the truths I hold to be self evident (as an American might put it) and I would welcome the opportunity to help you put them into practice in your organisation.  Do get in touch to talk about how we might do this..