Michael Woodgate is a consultant who advises businesses and organisations on how to develop workforce skills in a way that generates lasting benefits for both the individual and the organisation as a whole.

In many organisations “staff training” and line management are seen as two completely separate activities. But by integrating the developing of people’s skills into mainstream performance management, investment in learning and skills then becomes just like investing in anything else.

Businesses can then make procurement decisions as informed, discerning customers. They can buy the right products, they can ensure that the mechanisms necessary to sustain their benefits are in place and, most crucially, they can measure the financial return on their investment.

Michael Woodgate has developed a simple piece of software which integrates skills development with performance management. It identifies:

  • How an organisation might improve its performance
  • How any improvement will be measured
  • What training is needed to improve performance
  • What management processes need to be in place to sustain improvements
  • What line managers need to do to ensure improvements are sustained

Having identified how and where organisations can do things better, Michael Woodgate can provide the necessary support to make this happen. For further details please click here.

Michael offers a free 2 hour consultation to help businesses identify the issues they face, how developing people’s skills might improve things and how effective skills development can be achieved. This can be through training, improved management, or, most likely, a combination of the two.

To arrange a consultation, or an informal discussion about how this approach could benefit your organisation, please contact Michael – details are here.